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delphine francois lumiere hiver

Winter light

January 23, 2014, Bloomfield Hills in the Detroit area. An overnight snowstorm has transformed the surroundings. I normally live by a lake, but today, it’s impossible to imagine its outline. The weather forecast predicts -20°C. Decidedly, I’m going out! I need to see this up close… The cold is gripping, intrusive from the first breaths…

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Vue sur mer Cuba

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There are places that leave a lasting impression on us, imprinting themselves in our memories for a lifetime, and that we revisit in our thoughts whenever we please. The Playa de Ancon in Trinidad on the island of Cuba is one of those places. It symbolizes for me exoticism, a distant land where it would

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un oiseau lutte contre le grand froid cramponne a une branche


Snow, black ice, polar cold, -10°C, -20°C, all weapons of mass destruction for life… And yet, life fights, resists, perseveres! Homage to this American Robin and all its fellows who populated my garden in Michigan… even in very cold weather. So fragile and yet so strong… Photo: Michigan, 2014

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Last dance

URBEX, urban exploration, was part of my first photographic adventures. Detroit was our playground. With my friends from the 5-D3 collective, we explored numerous ruins: houses, schools, hospitals, fire stations… I remember the excitement of stepping into these abandoned places, the fear of getting hurt or encountering trouble, but also the emotion I felt seeing

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