A single click for years of memories…

Welcome to my memory factory !

My passion for photography has grown over the years; first in the smiles of my children, then in the eyes of my friends, neighbors, and clients.

I am one of those people who cast a kind eye on the world, and I love to capture through my lens the joy of success, the pride of a job well done, moments of complicity, and shared happiness.

Today, I practice this wonderful profession in the Detroit area, MICHIGAN-USA.

Here are the two packages I offer:

Private session

Because these moments are so precious and they pass by so quickly…

Graduating from high school or turning 18, landing your first job or having your first child… or simply realizing that you are happy in your life today and wanting to immortalize it… there are countless reasons to pick up the phone and book a photo session!

Just for you or your child, with your family or friends, anything is possible.

Price: $150 for a 1-hour photo session + editing

With guaranteed access to an online album of at least 20 photos just for you !

Business session

My infinite passion for others has led me to help many entrepreneurs in creating their visual identity. There’s nothing like the eye of a professional photographer to showcase your products, your vision, and your image.

Price :

3-hour package + editing $400

6-hour package + editing $750

With the opening of your online album for unlimited use as your own image library !