Welcome to my photography website!

Here, you will discover my artistic work and professional activities.

As a voracious traveler, I love capturing human stories through my lens or seizing fleeting beauty where it’s least expected. My universe unfolds in this portfolio… let the journey begin… through one of the four doors of my imagination: Simple things, Street art Stories, Lively Cuba, Detroit off beaten tracks.

If you live in the Detroit area (Michigan, USA), you’ll easily find me Downtown where I enjoy working as a French-speaking city guide: architectural tours, street art tours… there’s a dedicated page for it on this site.

And since I’m never far from my camera, I also showcase my family, portrait, business, or event photography activities on this site… I’m insatiable 🙂

Enjoy exploring!

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photo Detroit yellow

Detroit Series

During these long winter months where gray dominates, everyone finds their own way to keep their spirits up! Personally, this year, I’ve immersed myself in colors and visually delved into all my photographic archives…. It works! Result: a creative bubbling and the birth of the Detroit Series! To each their

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The photographer

Once upon a time...

My name is Delphine François.

Photographer by passion,

Artist in everything I do,

Traveler whenever possible!

My photos are the result of rich, unexpected, and often impactful human encounters.

This website is actually a perfect example: when I showed my photos to a friend who is a web developer, the idea of ​​this portfolio site was born. First step…